The Last Dance

The Last Dance: At the beginning of 10 documentaries in “The Last Dance” (ESPN), Michael Jordan and the director of the Chicago Bulls from 1997-98, Jason Hehir, pointed out that as the series continues, the plot will be Continue growing. He didn’t lie. For my money, I watched the episodes of episodes 7 and 8, which will be broadcast on Sunday, so the series has reached its climax.

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Indeed, you can say all the plots up to that time. The ratings are climbing the chart. However, I think episode 7 has reached a high degree of authenticity, providing us with the most humane moments Jordan may have seen, when Jordan talked about his views on leadership and the embers of manic motives very excited.

There is an ancient written rule that says “programs do not count”, and the procedural part of the rule is what we get in these plots. For many years, we have been telling some stories about Jordan, be it psychologically or physically, when he dragged him into the obsessive field, he defeated his teammates, but this is the man behind the madness. Because he is what he is. What does this mean for him. When the seventh episode ended dramatically, Jordan at the end of the impromptu lead actually needed to tell the director to “rest” while writing, which doesn’t look like a complicated editorial product.

I do n’t know if you have heard of it-or if you are a little older, and remember-Dan O’Brien, he is the famous “Dan and Dave” in the Rebook advertisement launched during the preparations for the Olympics The former world record holder of advertising started in 1992, but I became a good friend of Dan’s. We wrote his memoirs together in the mid-2000s, and I remember when we were writing this book, we took old YouTube clips from his game and he showed me that in those rare moments, He felt. In 1996, when he crossed the Atlanta finish line to win the gold medal, he knelt down, buried his face in his hands, and began to sob.

“Is this true?” I asked him

I think this can say the difference between a mortal like me and 1% of the most successful people in the world, but I ca n’t understand what sports, winning games, medals or trophies mean to anyone . . But I realized that exploring the deepest emotions is not a real victory. Is a loss.

There are many losses in Dan’s story. He has never seen his biological parents. He was an orphan of an infant and was admitted to a multi-ethnic family at the height of the civil rights movement. He struggled to find his place. He failed in college. Face alcoholism. When he finally left his dream and was impressed by the goal representing one of his only goals, he did not reach the pole vault, just like the world ’s number one decathlon athlete and the world ’s largest One of the marketing activities failed to establish the 1992 Olympic team.

So yes, when he came back in 1996 and won the gold medal and cried on the track, that was true. For me, when I watched the next two episodes of “The Last Dance”, the word kept flashing in my mind. real. Since his father’s death, Michael Jordan lay face down on the floor of the dressing room and cried when he won his first NBA championship.

Of course, we have seen Michael show emotion before. This clip in the locker room is not a new recording. After a speech in the Hall of Fame, the meme “Crying Jordan” occupied the world for a minute. Less than four months ago, we saw him crying at Kobe Bryant ’s funeral. At the beginning of the documentary, we saw him embracing his first championship trophy as if he were his eldest son.

“Sometimes we want to know whether he is human and whether he has feelings,” said Will Perdue, a former teammate of the Chicago Bulls. “He is just a person focused on one thing and one thing. The only emotions we see from him are anger or frustration. We are really surprised to see these emotions.”

The scene at the end of episode 7 is different in that it is not performed in the middle of the championship celebration, nor on the podium of the Hall of Fame, nor in front of a desolate audience, which regrets Kobe ’s death . It ’s just that Michael is sitting in a room and wearing street clothes. It ’s been two decades since he last played basketball. He talks about leadership and determination, and the burden of always being a person who imposes information and habits, not just greatness. , But absolutely dominant. At this point, you can see that it is not just Jordan ’s teammates and opponents who are paying a huge price. He also paid.