Ngannou vs Rozenstruik

Ngannou vs Rozenstruik: Francis Ngannu (14-3) and Jairzinho Rosenstruick (10-0) will compete at UFC 249 on May 9th. Both were originally identified as the main UFC match against Rosenstroik on ESPN 8 Ngannou. Fortunately, this is no longer a five-round game, because if everyone can get what he wants, there is no need for five-round games. If we don’t get what we want, we will be happy to send two rounds less. Both are known for their strength and speed in the division.

It is worth noting that he is famous for his strength in the heavy sector. However, Rosenstruick may not have the same level of strength as Ngannu. In the last article of this game, I mentioned that Rosenstroke knockout often appears when an adversary rushes forward. The obvious exception is his recent confrontation with Alistair Overeem (45-18), where he caught him along the fence. But this does not replace Rozenstruik’s success more on accuracy and timing than on initial motivation.

Francis Ngannu vs. Jairzinho Rosenstroik
The main difference in observing this battle is that Rosenstruick may have a technical advantage over Ngannu. However, in the first round, there is no doubt that Ngannu is a more terrible boxer, and he can be faster. Rosenstruik is a more advanced taekwondo player, able to manage all his arsenals. Ngannu is limited by counterattacks and strikes on the front leg. I believe that the style of Rosenstroik’s battle will determine the outcome in many respects, and the winning scheme is not very beautiful.

Ngannu seeks to wait until the opponents strike, bounce off and then punish them forward. In combination with his strength, this means that penetrating his body is very dangerous. In fact, the only person who excelled at this was Stipe Miocic (19-3). Stipe confuses the Ngannu token with a punch and uses his head movement to avoid the worst punch. When Ngannu promises to put on her man, Stipe will also use her struggle. Rosenstruick has not yet demonstrated a strong theft game, nor can he remove a larger person without a background in the fight.

Ngannu, Lewis repeat
Another way that Ngannu played against Rosenstruck is to compare it with the battle between Ngannu and Derrick Lewis (23-7). Although Lewis and Ngannu can be a boring and boring battle, it shows us that Ngannu will gladly let you kick him in the legs to win. The biggest obstacle for Rosenstroik is that he is less than 6 feet 4 inches tall, and he will have to step into the Ngannu coverage area to hit the ground. Ngannu uses side kick as his primary weapon for his front leg. Rozenstruik should be able to avoid most of the dangers if he insists on an external taekwondo competition that does nothing.

Fans may be disappointed because both are known for extreme violence. To be honest, it is. But do not despair, because Rosenstruk likes to fight back on impact. His addiction can be seen in the battle of Overeem. When Overeem shoots out, Rosenstruick will rush forward and back to the enemy. Ngannu can hit Rosenstroke and force the deal to close. In the event of a fire, I am more confident that Ngannu won these deals compared to Rosenstruick.

If Ngannu does his best in this battle, it might be interesting. Although not one of them is a first-class soldier, Ngannu is much larger and Rosenstruick’s capture is so bad that I can imagine how Ngannu will achieve some success when he gets the highest score. Having said that, Ngannu is likely to do as he always does.

Rosenstruk will choose how this battle will develop
Rosenstruck will decide how this battle will continue. If he adheres to this with confidence, then he is likely to win a long and tedious decision in three rounds. If Rosenstroik remains in his pocket, he will be eliminated. The match Ngannu against Rosenstroika will be decided due to the calmness of Rosenstroika. I want to say that, fortunately, this battle lasts only three rounds.

Francis Ngannou vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik

Francis Ngannou vs Jairzinho Rozenstruik: The UFC heavyweight is currently racing four horses. The most important stories are two legends that should be completed in the near future. Among champion Stipe Miocic and former champion Daniel Cormier, one can recall the best trilogy in the history of the immortal UFC. Behind the leader are two purebred blows that can take their place in the hands of the enemy in the blink of an eye Francis Ngannu and Yair Rosenstruik.

On Saturday night, at UFC 249 in Jacksonville, Florida, the action was resumed after almost two months of termination due to the coronavirus pandemic, which also led to the fact that this pay-per-view event had no fans in the Veterans Memorial Arena VyStar to Ngannu In the event of a Rosenstruick will begin to reopen the department. We are still not sure when the Miocic-Cormier trilogy will return, but UFC chairman Dana White has confirmed that the winner of the Saturday heavyweight bout will receive the final bonus.

White said in the appearance of CBS sports columnist Brian Campbell: “100%, yes. The winner of this battle is undoubtedly the first. ” “But we still have to find out, Cormyr and Stipe. This is definitely the next person after this battle. “

Two fighters went on different paths and achieved the reputation of the first participant with a very small difference.

Take Nganna (14-3) as an example, Saturday is the next stop of his destructive journey of redemption. In the eyes of many people, Ngannu entered the Boston Garden TD at UFC 220 as the crowned king, and was also the closest version of the Mike Tyson-style character that the UFC saw.

On the contrary, the coronation of Ngannu was not the king, but the last “bust”, because he was completely overtaken by Miotsik in the last four rounds of five rounds. The stigma of the natives from Cameroon worsened due to its inefficiency because he lost to Derrick Lewis in three rounds of defeat, and he did not show it at all. Applicability – July UFC 226 next year.

The opportunity caused Nganna to gradually disappear from the field of view of people, forgotten by people as one of the most common “hypotheses” in the history of career development. Instead, the Predator settled down again, and after that played a series of knockouts in the first round on the Battle Night cards, with these cards in their own name (with Curtis Braid, Cain Velazquez). Contrary to the teenager dos Santos) won. Put it again on the heavy table. Despite the sudden nature of this fight, we have no evidence that the aerobics or wrestling department has improved, but it turns out that a basic summary is enough to provide a second chance.

Ngann might have to get stuck in this department, but Rosenstruk (10-0) seems to appear out of nowhere.

The 32-year-old former Taekwondo player made his UFC debut in February 2019. The second round Tsung Kwan O defeated the young Albini, which marked the arrival of the Surinamese. The subsequent victory (only 9 seconds) beat Allen Crowder, and former champion Andrei Arlovsky was eliminated. This brings an unbeatable prospect to its first major event role at the end of 2019.

In anticipation of the game, Alistair Overeem in Washington, DC, on December 7, after a smooth five-round main tournament, the fights landed at the Capital One Arena because Rosenstruick seems to be experiencing his own moment Ngannu, it seems This is not a round factor. Until Rosenstruick discovered his destructive power. Over time, Rosenstruick ended Overeem with a devastating fist combination and won his tenth professional victory. After nearly 25 minutes of action, the amazing power of Rosenstroke made Overeem lose most of his upper lip and gave us a grotesque image that will always be captured in our memory. It was at this point that Rosenstruick announced that he was one of the competitors in this sector.

On Saturday night, in the game held in Jacksonville (UFC 249), with the general closure of professional sports, the UFC took a step towards ensuring a bit of normality, and with the reorganization of the heavyweight division, these two thunders The fighter’s route will be different.

They have the opportunity to bring down their opponents in an instant. Fasten your seat belts. It will not last long.

Pettis vs Cerrone

Pettis vs Cerrone: Donald Cherrone and Anthony Pettis will perform May 9 at UFC 249, but this is not the first time.

In the FOX 6 UFC competition in January 2013, Theron and Pettis entered the cage with a 155-pound match. The battle will last only 155 seconds.

Pettis pointed to the body from the doorbell and blew Kerone’s ribs with his knee and foot. After the knee tightened, Cerrone contracted significantly, and Pettis continued to attack.

Cerrone could not slow down Pettis’s attack. Pettis kicked the body with his left foot, and Cerrone reached out and wrinkled toward the canvas. Pettis threw two blows to the head, and Theron swelled and covered it.

Referee Herb Dean came in and finished the game at 2:35 in the second round. This battle prompted Pettis to compete with then-champion Benson Henderson, who would be defeated by a first-round bracelet and become the UFC champion.

Before Cerrone and Pettis play in the UFC 249 rematch, watch their first game in the full video above.

Anthony Pettis and Donald Cerrone will meet again more than six years after their previous conflict. At that time, Pettis won the first round after a huge kick, which is enough to make the cowboy liver exactly the same. It was when two guys ran the UFC, and since then a lot has changed. Currently, they are ordinary fighters who are looking for opportunities to improve their morale and have the opportunity to bounce on the saddle after some unpleasant experiences.

Preview: Cerrone (+118) did not show good results in this game, but in our opinion (we will keep you straight), these chances are unrealistic. With due respect to veterans and all the most popular people in sports, he is simply a shadow of his past fighters. Do not get us wrong, Pettis is not shining at the moment, but the Cowboys (36-14 MMA, 23-11 UFC) have recently shown poor results. Losing in three games and a match with three knockouts say almost everything. Tony Ferguson changed his face, the doctor had to step in and stop the fight, Justin Gaetji defeated him fiercely, and Conor McGregor was in Cut the veteran into thin slices for 40 seconds. This rage has undoubtedly revealed to the world that Theron no longer claims to be the best fighters.

Pettis (-135) has not achieved significant results over the past few years. After losing the champion’s light belt, he spent 12 games and lost 8 games. Many people make decisions, but his career is still very complicated. The last two victories have been against Michael Chiesz and Stephen Thompson. Thompson was defeated in March 2019. It seems that Pettis (22-10 MMA, 9-9 UFC) can recover in a difficult period, but then after playing against Nate Diaz and Carlos. · After two defeats from Carlos Diego Ferreria, he started again. Now, fans say, Showtime is ranked 15th in the UFC welterweight rating, and it needs to urgently win to start the climb. Otherwise, he will soon complete the UFC adventure. Regardless of being a champion, Dana White does not tolerate fighters who cannot perform large-scale performances.

Forecast: We are very sure that you already know that this question will be our choice. With the exception of Pettis’s victory, everything else is a big surprise for us, so we must support his success on Saturday. A cowboy is a legend and one of the most popular faces in the UFC, but his time is long gone. Even in the face of ordinary fighters (Petit is currently fighting), he has no bright prospects of avoiding defeat. In addition, we strongly recommend that you bet on Pettis to win by suspension. Unless there is another reason, his physical condition will be better than that of Cerrone. Cerrone fought a lot over his entire career and was eliminated. Most importantly, feel free to choose Pettis, that’s all.

Cowboy vs Pettis

Cowboy vs Pettis: Donald Cerrone is devoted to his “cowboy” character and “Lu” style inside and outside the cage; he prefers to react to a busy life without pressure or plans to oppress him.

When asked if his method of education was similar to how he accidentally accepted the fight, the 37-year-old soldier could only agree.

Cerrone told CBS Sports on Wednesday: “Of course it is.” “What are you, boy, what?”

Cerrone (36-14 years old, 1 NC) is Daxun’s father (aka “Danger”), he is almost two years old, and his younger brother Riot (Serrona Lindsay’s bride will be delivered later this year) decides to return to a chaotic state, which he likes. UFC 249 vs. Anthony Pettis (22-10) is the best way to get rid of his current performance.

Although Cerrone retained most of his UFC record and victory at the Octagon, he still looked at the twilight of his career after three consecutive defeats (all eliminated). The most recent, Conor McGregor, who returned in January, was the most disappointing because the “cowboy” lasted only 40 seconds and was criticized by everyone, including ESPN’s Stephen. Stephen A. Smith, who accused him of not appearing.

Cerrone said: “If the shoes fit, put them on.”

Although Smith was originally called “random selection” because of tough MMA fans criticizing his remarks, the driver recently won a notable victory due to Cerrone’s disclosure of not entering UFC 246. The pressure of the first pay-per-use card for the event.

Serona said: “I have not heard (criticism of Smith).” “You are mistaken if you think that I do not know anything about what I am saying. I will not read, see, see this. I Don’t Know What Stephen A. Smith Says, And I Don’t Care. I dont know.

“It was the biggest battle, the biggest opportunity, and the biggest opportunity I have experienced. I did not appear and did not boast about it. I don’t know how to answer it correctly, it’s just awful. [McGregor] did what he had to. “I did everything, but I did nothing.”

So, in your favorite 14-year career, after 51 professional matches, what is the best way to escape the taste of sad failure? Cerrone picked up the phone and said that it’s just a short-term training camp, damn it, he prefers this way.

“I built a bar on the ranch, and the UFC called me and said:“ How do you feel about the battle of May 9? “I said:” That sounds good. See you there, ”Sialon said.

Having prepared for just over two weeks, Cerrone returned to his struggle without putting pressure on the story of his highest level of dissatisfaction, and he did not have much time to inspire himself. As usual, he jumped into the RV, rode off his self-proclaimed BMF ranch (worst mother) in New Mexico, arrived in Jacksonville, Florida, and fought in three grand battles for eight days. UFC at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena.

“There is no time to think about it. In fact, I just parked the bus here after Saturday, only the rally was again on Wednesday and Saturday [combat map]. Therefore, I have come to all three places, “Theron said.” Spend less time thinking about it, just go there and have fun. “

According to the records, UFC chairman Dana White publicly rejected Cerrone’s request for several fights in one week and listed the general uncertainty of the action, becoming the first in the United States. A return to the sports league pandemic after a two-month vacation during the Crown virus is a reason not to risk it.

Fortunately, Caron found the perfect partner for Pettis’s same wish. Pettis is a 33-year-old former lightweight champion; his demon has the magic of two battles and can train himself. Pettis was introduced by Carlos Diego Ferreira in the McGregor-Cherron deck, although he did not intend to fight him quickly when he When he received the call, he also took the opportunity to keep things fresh.

Pettis told CBS Sports last week: “You know, cowboys won’t refuse, I won’t refuse, so you leave.” “I am a warrior and can fight anyone at any time. I Believe in my skills, and in any case, I am one of the best fighters in the world. The thing is to bring them together. An excellent training camp, I put a lot of effort into this battle, just perform in this. The bed was ruined. When they called me, I said: “Yes. “

When the pandemic erupted, Pettis initially remained in Las Vegas for a month, but after returning to Milwaukee’s home, he received a call to fight. He found that because of quarantine, he preferred daily personal training with trainers.

UFC 249 Live

UFC 249 Live: Jacksonville, Florida – After the four protagonists reached the championship weight before the game, the two UFC 249 championship battles now officially continue.

MMA Junkie was in place and announced the weigh-in of the official UFC 249. Fighter earlier on Friday. Technically, a meeting to stay away from society was held without much effort.

Workers wore masks next to the combatants, and the combatants set foot on the scale of disinfection. Media representatives and UFC staff are located at an appropriate distance to make room for the event.

All four champions fighters on the map are ready and ready. Temporary lightweight contenders Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaetier have a nose weight of 155 pounds, while lightweight champion Henry Sejudo and former champion Dominic The same applies to Dominic Cruz, both of which have reached the 135 lb limit.

The only fight associated with the fighter comes from lightweight player Jeremy Stephens, his fight with Calvin Cattar brought weight up to 150.5 pounds, which is 4.5 pounds above the official limit.

UFC 249 will be held Saturday at VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville. After a preliminary understanding of ESPN and ESPN +, the main card is debited based on usage charges.

On May 1, a legal sports gambling began to operate in Colorado. Players who have been waiting for an opportunity to place a bet for many years have looked at the BetMGM application menu and saw … table tennis, darts, etc.

Obviously, when sports broadcasts cease due to coronavirus, sports betting will also be affected. That is why Saturday is important.

UFC 249 is scheduled to be held in Jacksonville on Saturday, and it will be the first mass sporting event in the US to be held on schedule from mid-March, with the exception of horse racing. There is nothing to counter the NFL project, but it sounds like a milestone.

This is also an important stage in the world of sports betting. Over the past few months, players have become very creative, breaking the idea of ​​baseball and draft in the NFL in South Korea, but it’s a good thing to bring back something familiar. Jason Scott, vice president of transactions at BetMGM, said the company hopes UFC’s digital card recording will reach record levels.

Scott said, “It’s great to talk about it again in the office.” “It all starts in the right direction. It starts to bubble. ”

Despite the fact that the digital pen is very good, Scott said that the stakes are increasing this week, but since the casino is not working, the total number of players will still decrease. Even if the BetMGM app is open, no one will go into battle. Scott said that Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaetzhe is an attractive main event for sports betting because Ferguson has always attracted spectators.

There are other sports coming back. The German football league should resume on May 16. Golfing with Tom Brady, Payton Manning, Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will fill this gap. A series of games began on May 17.

However, Major League Baseball, the NBA and the NHL have not announced when the game will be played again, and even if the schedule is announced Thursday night, people are worried that the NFL season will start on time. Scott said the biggest concern is what will happen to college football. The university movement has other problems because the campus may not open in the fall. College football is an important part of MGM’s sports betting year.

Scott said: “It feels like everything else will be back anyway.”

The first little step. UFC 249 may mark a change, and there will soon be other sports plans. Progress.

Of course, sports betting is down. According to the Nevada Game Control Board in March, sports books won $ 1.45 million this month, 95.5% less than in March 2019. The cancellation of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, the annual grand tournament in Las Vegas and elsewhere was a heavy blow. Then in April there were few live sporting events in the United States.

But action has already been taken. Scott said the current campaign has hit records two to three times more than usual.

Scott said: “People play Belarusian football, Asian baseball.” “Now is the time to try something they never thought about.”

Since mid-March, the largest event in American sports has been the NFL draft, which eventually became a revelation to BetMGM.

Scott said: “The draft broke our record, more than any other previous draft.” “It could be a record that will never be beaten.”

These events have filled vacancies to some extent, but Doosan CSR bears bets or the number of guards to be selected in the first round are different from UFC games bets. Regardless of which side of the window you are on (or rather, which side of the application), it is interesting to plan the UFC 249 according to plan.

Cejudo vs Cruz

Cejudo vs Cruz: On Saturday, UFC lightweight champion Henry Cejudo and previous two-time UFC 135 lb. lead Dominick Cruz in the fight. Cejudo won the lightest title in the third round of Tseung Kwan O Marlon Moraes in June 2019. The duel of Sejudo with Cruz was his first attempt to protect the belt. The competition is the main competition of UFC 249.

Cruz was the WEC lightweight champion and the first UFC lightweight champion, but since December 2016, due to the defeat of Cody Garbrandt, he has finished his 135-pound UFC championship. From the second stop, he never stepped into the octagon. That night, Gabrant ended Cruise’s winning streak of 13 games at UFC 207.

Cejudo has won its last five outings. The winning streak includes his defeat to Demetrius Johnson to win the lightweight title, and the only defensive zone that defeated his opponent T.J. Dillashaw in 32 seconds. Cejudo handed over the 125-pound belt in December 2019 so that he could focus on the 135-pound compartment.

In the past, Cruz’s career has slowed due to injuries. In 2014, he ended his nearly three-year break. In return, he met with Mizutani Takeya. In this game, Cruz won a 61-second victory by Zeung Kwan O. In his next fight, Cruz defeated Dila Shaw with a split decision and became the lightweight champion for the second time. In June 2016, he defended the title of Urius Faber, and then lost to Garbrandt. If any UFC fighter can return after almost four years, then this is Cruz.

Cejudo is the best wrestler to win a gold medal in the freestyle wrestling competitions at the 2008 Olympics. He is also a talented striker, but he offers nothing that Cruz has never seen before.

Cruz is one of the most talented fighters in UFC history. His movements, amazing, aerobic and focused spirit make him a special competitor. Cruz must defeat Sehudo, but for the former champion, there is always concern about injury. Despite these concerns, I believe Cruz will surpass Seyudo in the scoring table to win the UFC gold medal for the third time.

UFC 249 took place at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida. After a preliminary understanding of ESPN and ESPN +, the flow of ESPN + cards with pay-per-view is mainly.

Former lightweight champion T.D.Dillasho is interested in the May 9 major bout.

The lightweight championship will be launched at UFC 249 when champion Henry Sehudo defeats former champion Dominic Cruz. Fighting these two guys earlier, Dillashu made predictions for the fight and tended to gain more victories.

Dila Shaw told TMZ: “I like this fight and I am very interested in it.” “But if I were a player, I would bet on Dominic Cruz. I think he was awkward. This style is difficult to deal with, although he is not super technical, but he took advantage of it, he attracts people to play his game, I think he will play against Sejudo, and he will surpass him, he will win the decision to prepare for Dominic Cruise really difficult, because no one can really match his style, which is awkward. ”

Due to a positive EPO test, he is currently serving a two-year sentence, and Dillashu has the right to return from January 18, 2021, when he knocks on the door of the person holding the seat belt. Dillashaw failed from Cruise and Sehudo, which also boosted motivation. As a result, he simply had the opportunity to go back with any of them to regain the 135-pound title.

He explained: “I am very interested in this.” Dilashaw said: “Obviously, these two guys are bloody, so I like to fight.” “Obviously, both of them won, I really want to get there and take their title from them, so I’m glad about this battle.”

Money in the Bank 2020

Money in the Bank 2020: With the WWE Money game held at the bank on Sunday, fans can look forward to one of the most anticipated games of all time. This year’s annual “money in the bank” ladder game will be different than ever before. From the first floor of the

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WWE headquarters to the roof of the Titan Towers, the contenders will compete here, and they will try to get back the guaranteed title battle Suitcase. However, the “climbing corporate ladder” rule is not the only difference this year. In addition, the men ’s and women ’s competitions will take place at the same time, with all 12 players competing for the building at the same time.

It is usually difficult to predict the amount of money in the World Bank ’s rock climbing game, but we divide the competitors in this year ’s exclusive edition into three categories: favorites, dark horses and spears. Therefore, let us now see who eventually entered each category.

Aleister Black: Obviously, WWE sees great things in the future of Black. He has always been one of the leading artists in the cast, and he set a record of 107 to 15 in all WWE competitions in 2019 and 2020. These figures show that people are confident that Black will become a potential future world champion. If the money in the bank represents an opportunity to reach that championship level, then black people will be one of the best options for winning a male portfolio.

AJ style: The wrestler may have buried his style in WrestleMania’s Boneyard Match, but he has always been a participant in major events. The winner of Heel Money in the bank is always a wise choice, and Styles can play a good role. It is not difficult to imagine that Styles will chase Drew McIntyre with a briefcase to find a suitable offensive opportunity.

Shayna Baszler: Since joining NXT, Baszler has been the dominant force. The way she faced the game in the knockout was impressive. That being said, there may be some concerns when Becky Lynch in the House of Representatives wins the lawsuit and then wins another secured property rights dispute with Money in Bank a few months later. The prospect of Basler’s methodical fight for the title of bank portfolio currency holder is daunting.

Nia Jax: Jax is just a huge threat. The non-threatening position is to have a monster leap with a guaranteed title. Since returning from a knee injury, Jax has only played 3 times, and since 2019 he has only played 21 times. But Jax does not need to increase activities on the ring like contract holders. In fact, it is best not to stay active while waiting for an attack.

Dark horse
Daniel Bryan: Bryan has been one of the most popular people for many years, but as an intermediate player who has performed well on entertainment shows, he now seems to be doing what he wants to do . Bryan was the winner of the Bank’s Money award in the past and also felt the pain of accepting money. The story of entering Brian with a briefcase will be interesting, but winning the game does not seem to be necessary.

King Corbin: Corbin is one of the rare money winners in the bank and failed to win the contract. But WWE showed great confidence in Corbin by virtue of his first victory and victory in The Lord of the Rings. It’s not hard to imagine Corbin carrying his suitcase again, hoping to improve this time.

Asuka: Asuka is one of those members on the list who can immediately become an ownership dispute and feel threatened. Even after the undefeated series melted away most of the mystery of the characters disappeared and became a person who lost 50% of TV and PPV games in 2020, this is still true. His Japanese promo has become the weekly highlight of the show. TV and WWE clearly know this, and may want to do something bigger again.

Lacey Evans (Lacey Evans): The long-standing problem between Bailey and Evans may pay off, which makes Evans once again win the SmackDown champion’s folder and weapon. WWE really seems to have seen something in Evans, which makes it a strong contender for the dark horse. Of course, Bayley’s biggest plan seems to be to finally start a confrontation with Sasha Banks. Although Evans can wait for the dust to settle, that may be a good thing. But forcing her to join the program will be a wrong step.

Long shot
Rey Mysterio (Rey Mysterio): Misterio is more likely to be the favorite sentimental title in the game than Daniel Bryan. However, this does not make him a winner. It is hard to imagine that Mysterio will enter any world championship plan at this stage, especially when they put him on a short championship plan with Brock Lesnar, which led to the Survivor Series last year. It is difficult to think of Mysterio as a good choice for storing folders, especially for Drew McIntyre who may rule for a long time in the future.

Otis: Just like Mandy ’s story, Otis proved to be a talented artist in singles

WWE Money in the Bank 2020

WWE Money in the Bank 2020: Since WrestleMania 36 on Sunday, WWE has resumed its first pay-per-view method, and Money in the bank has the potential to create many stories for promotional activities during the summer.

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Like WrestleMania, the emergence of legends like “Undertaker” and “Goldberg” reflects nostalgia in many ways, and Bank in Money is a way to develop for the future, because it can be To attract challenging new champions.

This year’s event will be unique because, unlike traditional stair games, which star will determine that money in the bank can pick up a briefcase atop WWE’s headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut.

Given the location and innovation capabilities, this may be WWE’s most interesting pay-per-view method in years. Nobody knows what’s going to happen, but that makes the visualization more fascinating.Looking forward to the event, this is the star that should have the advantage in the main gam
Female funds in the bank: Shayna Baszler, Asuka, Nia Jax, Lacey Evans, Carmella, Dana Brook (Dana Brooke)It looks like WWE announces that Raw champion Becky Lynch will face the star who took her suitcase on Monday night and ruined the potential winner of the game.

It is certain that this is not a big spoiler, because the only motivated woman in the SmackDown brand is Lacey Evans. Since she just competed with Bayley for the SmackDown women’s championship title, it would make no sense to return directly to Sassy Southern Belle without the support of Sassy Southern Belle.

Shayna Baszler, Asuka and Nia Jax became the most likely winners. Jax has vigorously promoted Raw in recent weeks, including Deonna Purrazzo and defeated Kairi Sane in a row. She is also a monster that Vince McMahon likes to use when he wants to overtake the champion.

On the negative side, Jax did not have the ability to become a champion. It is effective in a short period of time, but putting it in a 12-15 minute championship game that pays for views will be a bad TV show. Unless WWE wants her to win money in the bank and lose in the cash game, Jax must not win.

Baszler’s victory is like a traditional WWE reserve. She was arrested by Lynch of WrestleMania, although The Man prevented Kirifuda Clutch from entering the roundup at the time to keep Baszler strong without winning.

Putting the suitcase on Baszler will cause the WWE to argue with Lynch immediately or later in the summer. Ever since the former mixed martial artist was hired to lead the force of the wrestling fanatic contest, it seems to exist.

Asuka is the best versatile shoe for women’s football Raw. Before Baszler entered the picture, she argued with Lynch, although her defeat at the Royal Rumble was clean and decisive, which showed that WWE thought she was more interested. The second line, not the top star.

The emotionally favorite person is Asuka, because of his high talent, but considering the reason why WrestleMania stands out, Baszler makes more sense.

Prediction: Shayna Baszler wins funds from women from banksMale bank bonuses: AJ Styles, Daniel Bryan, Aleister Black, King Corbin, Rey Mysterio and Otis
According to the traditional WWE reserve, fans can relax, because King Corbin doesn’t seem to make money in the bank.At the end of SmackDown, Corbin was loud, but this is usually to keep fans from smelling who will pass the game.

Rey Mysterio seems to have participated in the game, simply because he is a stable hand and can do cool things in a unique environment. Since the beginning of April, Ultimate Underdog has only appeared on Raw twice. There is no real motivation to think that he will be able to challenge the championship in the future.

Otis is in an interesting place because his plot with Mandy Rose is one of SmackDown’s best works, but the only person he defeated is the perennial punch Dolph Ziggler. He’s a great character and can one day challenge the champion – not yet.

The same applies to Aleister Black, although at least he recently won opponents from Oney Lorcan and Austin Theory.

The remaining two are AJ Styles and Daniel Bryan. Both are lost in the wrestling craze, so it is difficult to see their strength in this performance.

Bryan will win a strong winner because SmackDown needs a candidate for a baby face champion. “Demon” Bray Wyatt and Braun Strowman are competing for this pay-per-view world title, but given the limited game time, if the game time exceeds 5 minutes, that game The game may be bad.

On the other hand, Raw is even more eager to have a strong competitor to Drew McIntyre. Seth Rollins competed for the WWE title on Sunday, nothing more than attacking the championship on Raw a few weeks ago.

The Last Dance 2020

The Last Dance 2020: About three and a half weeks since its release, “The Last Dance” has provided endless entertainment for millions of viewers-in a turbulent period, this is a collective, charming and nostalgic experience.

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When I arrived, I almost always thought this would be the case. After all, how can you make disappointing 10 behind-the-scenes documentaries about Michael Jordan and the 1997-98 Bulls? However, by far, the biggest surprise of a single cultural event may be its soundtrack, which attracts praise and emotion from all corners of the Internet. Those who added the music chain to the story of Jordan and the dynasty bulls, their fingers perfectly grasp the pulse of the past and present. For the scene atmosphere in the documentary and the representative historical moments, it seems that each background track is carefully selected.

Naturally, we want to choose our favorite moments among those moments, but there are too many things that people cannot understand. So we recruited our team and asked everyone who lives and breathes on the NBC Sports Chicago Bulls: So far, what is your favorite musical moment in “The Last Dance”?

Sit down, put down the playlist and enjoy.


Big Dave: The song on “The Last Dance” is spectacular. From the New York artist (Nas, a tribe called Quest, Black Sheep, Special Edition) in Episode 5 as a background talking about Mike playing in the Madison Square Garden to Oxcast ’s excellent “Rosa Park” to define the Bulls in At the scene of the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, it is clear that all the tracks are synchronized and outstanding.

But my favorite moment is episode 1, watching newcomer Michael Jordan begin his reign in the context of Eric B. & Rakim’s “I’m not kidding” game. Lakim is a goat. Go to Google and enter “God MC”, Rakim is the first thing that appears. This lets you know how special it is. I jumped off the chair and danced all the time, playing all the lyrics. very suitable. Mike did not join the league. He is serious. This is no joke.

Dan Santaromita: Music is lethal in “The Last Dance”, but it really stood out for me for a while. This is episode 4, when the Bulls swept the Detroit Pistons in the 1991 Eastern Conference Finals, Kool Moe Dee’s “How Now Like Me” played a celebration montage.

The documentary produced it. You will see the pain of the Bulls losing to the Pistons attackers over the years. Obviously, they started to hate this team. Jordan still remembers the moment of Isiah Thomas. Horace Grant called them “direct drunks.” Even the kind of Bill Cartwright is very interested. Therefore, you will feel the joy and release of the Bulls when they defeated them in 1991. Music perfectly embodies this feeling.

When the montage starts with the song, the information is not ambiguous. The Bulls celebrated on the bus. They celebrated on the plane and even Jerry Krause danced. They are celebrating after landing in Chicago. Then the title letter hit the commercial well.

The message is clear: Pistons, do you like us now?

Matt Peck: I dare not pose and pretend to be a hip-hop expert in the 1990s. I will leave the real wisdom to my fellow Big Dave.

But one of my favorite music choices in “The Last Dance” was to play Black Sheep’s “The Choice Is Yours” during the regular season when the editing Bulls dominated the 91-92 season. I have always liked this song very well. When watching MJ and Scottie take turns in the entire league, you will hear “You can understand this, and you can understand!” This is a funny interpretation of “picking your poison” from the lyrics of that song. Like, do you want to be interested in MJ or Scottie? Because one of these things is definitely happening. A wonderful song accompanied by a wonderful performance highlights what some people (including me) consider to be the most talented team in the entire Bull Dynasty, and Scotty has gradually become a lethal weapon to supplement MJ. The brilliant work of the music director.

I mentioned before that I am a novice in sports. Obviously, I always knew who MJ was. Dull. But I don’t know much about him, including his love for cigars. Come and discover that he even added color to the cover of Cigar Aficionado magazine (Charles Barkley-in fact, I think he is the cover model for this month).

When watching (final adaptation: visually engulfing) each episode of “The Last Dance”, every time MJ appeared on the screen with a cigar, I was scared. Hell, every time a characteristic athlete appears, I will be shocked! I mean, okay, after they won the NBA championship, yes! Celebration celebration! But what about the remaining time? Oops, guys. What are you doing

Everyone has an addiction. Got it but