As part of a long, gruelling

As part of a long, gruelling — some say misguided — attempt by Dana White to bring sports back to our televisions, UFC 249 is back. It brings with it one of the best fight cards of 2020. Crazily, on Friday one fighter on the card (alongside two of his cornermen) tested positive for coronavirus. He has now been removed from the event and the show will continue.

A quick history lesson before we dive in: We thought UFC 249 was going to take place on an island, as part of a Mortal Kombat-esque plan to escape Covid-19 restrictions (in this scenario Dana White is Shao Kahn). Then UFC 249 was apparently going to take place on tribal land at the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemoore, California. Then it got cancelled after the UFC’s partners ESPN and Disney stepped in.

Now UFC 249 has been resurrected from the dead. It is alive and taking place in Florida, thanks to a change in restrictions in that state. It looks like UFC might be the first sport to get back up and running after the coronavirus.

Many of the fights originally scheduled on the original UFC 249 are still present on this new card. Namely, its main event: Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaethje. No, it’s not Tony Ferguson vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov as originally planned, but outside of getting Conor McGregor in, it’s the next best thing.

Ferguson vs Gaethje is an awesome interim title fight. A battle between two human bulls, two athletes who will march forward no matter what. Gaethje, especially, has been in practically nothing but fight of the year contenders. He will kick your legs till you cannot walk. Ferguson is also known for his incredible cardio and pressure. I can’t wait for this one.

UFC 249 has also been bolstered by a second title fight, between Henry Cejudo and Dominick Cruz — also a compelling contest. Cejudo is a two-division champ and an Olympic gold medalist; Cruz is probably the best UFC bantamweight of all time. Cruz arguably shouldn’t be getting this opportunity (his last fight was a loss, three and a half years ago) but this will a tough fight to call. Cruz has proven to be remarkably immune to ring rust.

Outside the two titles fights, this card runs deep. It’s jam packed with stars: Donald Cerrone, Anthony Pettis, Michelle Waterson all feature. As does Francis Ngannou vs. Jairzinho Rozenstruik, a terrifying contest between arguably the two most dangerous heavyweights in the UFC.

UFC 249

UFC 249: Askren said: “Ferguson and Gaethje will perform well.” “They both come forward, they have done great damage to their opponents, and they rarely consider defense.”

Most of the discussion that led to this struggle is about action and stimulation. However, some people expressed some concern, especially since the fighting was postponed last month. Sonnen is here to tell you not to worry.

Thorne said Ferguson’s determination to lose weight on April 17: “We all work hard,” Tony exhausted his body, he should not do that. “ But Tony is a college fighter, a national champion, and in the fight, every week of the season, your weight is the same. Tony has just returned to his roots, so I completely disagree with his statement that he lost weight three weeks ago, I don’t know if this will affect the fight at all, but I don’t agree with the statement that he shouldn’t do. This is what he did. In the world of Tony, it is strange to weigh three times a year. This is true “.

The delay also gave Gate more time to prepare. “Returning to his short battle, Justin said:” I have to stop this guy. If we keep our distance, he will win. I just can’t win in the future, ”said Sonan. “These are his own words. You will give him another three weeks, this will change everything. ”

In one of the main events of Triple C, Henry Sejudo defends his bantamweight UFC title against Dominic Cruz, who is considered the goat of the division. Cejudo won the Olympic gold medal in freestyle wrestling and became the UFC champion in two divisions last year. Cruz did not fight for three and a half years, but he is finally healthy and ready to become a lightweight champion for the third time.

Sonam said: “Sehudo against Cruise is full of disappointments.” “Of course, Henry is the best fighter, but the last time you saw him use his fight in battle, it was always very difficult for him to get through. The distance, and Dominic makes good use of this step to keep his distance, Henry’s hand is very good, but the only injury that Dominic received in direct play was against Cody Garbrandt.

“I do not know if I am ready to overthrow the game. History shows that a more active guy beat a guy who was sitting outside, but, guy, it’s easy to see the fight lasting as long as 25 minutes, and Dominic Cruz won three rounds. ” Or four rounds. “

The depth of this card goes far beyond the championship fight.

Melendez said: “Francis Ngannu against Jairzinho Rosenstroika is a tough fight between two guys, they have a strong influence, Powerful. It has the potential to launch fireworks, “Melendez said.” This is one of the battles “without blinking.” You will be sitting on the edge of your seat. Maybe at first it seemed that nothing was happening, but as soon as it happened, it exploded would”.

Then comes the battle to take stock, which will definitely shock fans: Jeremy Stevens (Jeremy Stevens) and Kelvin Qatar (Calvin Kattar) and Niko Price (Niko Price) and Vissen Vicente Luke

Sonan said: “People who are willing to stand with Jeremy Stevens are all right in my book. Stevens hates this. ” “And this Qatar, he is so good, he is so evil, He is in very good shape, he can play for 15 minutes. You may think, yes, everyone can. No, they cannot. Many people just “” I mean, to run for 15 minutes, it takes one very rare athlete. This guy Cattar can run all night. It was a great, great, great fight. “

Melendez said: “Nico Price and Vicente Luke have never fought. I am very excited about it. ” “Luke is a disciplined warrior. A strong fighter, but strict discipline. The price is a little rough. Both sit barbarously in the same cage. I want to fasten my seatbelts and then ride a roller coaster. ”

The fight begins at 6 pm. On ESPN. Eat food and drinks early and fasten your seat belts. It will be an interesting night.

UFC 249 Online

UFC 249 Online: Dana White tried hard for a long time (some said it was misleading) and tried to get the sports show back on our television show. UFC 249 is back. He brings one of the best battle cards of 2020.

Before we go any further, we will take a short history course: we think that UFC 249 will be held on the island, which is part of the Mortal Kombat style plan to avoid the restrictions of Covid-19 (in this case, Dana Bely is Shao Kan). Then UFC 249 will undoubtedly be held on the tribal land of the Tachi Palace Hotel & Casino in Lemur, California. Following the participation of UFC partners ESPN and Disney, it was canceled.

Now UFC 249 has risen from the dead. Due to changes in government restrictions, this activity is still widespread in Florida. It seems that the UFC may be the first sport to resume work after the coronavirus.

Many of the battles originally planned for the original UFC 249 are still on this new map. That is the main event: Tony Ferguson vs. Justin Gaetzhe. No, initially Tony Ferguson did not plan against Khabib Nurmagomedov, but in addition to choosing Conor McGregor, it was best to go down.

Verguson is a great title fight against Gaetier. In the battle between the two athletes will develop no matter what. In particular, Gaetier has nothing but an annual battle. He will kick your leg until you can walk. Ferguson is also known for his incredible heart and stress. I can not wait.

UFC 249 is also supported by a second title fight between Henry Sejudo and Dominic Cruz, which is also a compelling game. Sejudo is the champion of two divisions and the Olympic gold medalist, while Cruz is arguably the best UFC lightweight champion. We can say that Cruz should not get this opportunity (his last battle was a defeat three and a half years ago), but it will be a difficult battle. Facts have proven that Cruz has obvious ring rust immunity.

In addition to the two championship battles, this card is very deep. It is filled with stars: Donald Cerrone, Anthony Pettis and Michelle Waterson. Just like Francis Ngannu vs. Jairzinho Rosenstroika, this is a terrible match for the two most dangerous heavyweights in the UFC.

This year, the UFC and ESPN established a new partnership. This is good news for expanding UFC and MMA movements, but bad news for consumer choice. If you want to watch UFC, especially live in the USA.

In the USA, if you are looking to watch UFC 249, you will find Fight Night on PPV only through ESPN Plus. The fee structure is a little confusing, but according to the ESPN website, there is an opportunity to watch the UFC on ESPN.

British MMA fans wishing to watch the UFC 249 will be found exclusively through BT Sport. If you live in Australia, there are more options to watch UFC live. You can watch UFC 249 through the main event of Foxtel. You can also stream online on the UFC website or use its app to watch UFC live streaming for streaming on a computer or Smart TV. You can even use PlayStation 4 to order the UFC to watch a game or live stream using the UFC app on the Xbox One.

UFC 249 will be held in the United States on Saturday, May 9th. Although this is different from most UFC events, given the current situation with COVID-19, we can expect this to be an unstable situation. Time and date are subject to change at any time. We will try to keep it up to date.


UFC 249 PPV: For the first time since the coronavirus pandemic has closed the sports world, the UFC will resume work for the first time because people usually expect it to pay UFC 249 per view. The focus of this event is an easy title fight between Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaetier. In addition, Henry Sehudo defends the UFC bantamweight championship against the Former champion, Dominic Cruz, also played in the main event.

Due to an outbreak of the corona virus, the event was rescheduled from April 18 to the day of the event. The UFC managed to move the event to the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, May 9 (Saturday). Ferguson and Gaetier will compete for a temporary lightweight title and will have the opportunity to meet with Khabib Nurmagomedov as the undisputed UFC lightweight title at the end of this year.

Most of the original card will be inherited from UFC 249, including in the heavyweight match between Francis Ngannu and Jairzinho Rosenstruik, Greg Hardy (Greg Hardy) returned to the octagon against Yorgan de Castro and fierce punches between Jeremy Stevens and Calvin Calvin Easy tilt.

Several new battles have been added to the map. These include the UFC bantamweight match between Cejudo and Cruz. Favorite fan Donald “Cerboy” Cerrone will also return for the first time because he lost to Connor after losing to former UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis · Conor McGregor.

In connection with COVID-19, the event will take place without fans, but UFC chairman Dana White touts it as one of the most multi-talented UFC tournaments.

You need to know everything about how to watch UFC 249, including channels, pricing, and playing time.

In the United States, the UFC Battle Pass preliminary debate begins at 6:30 p.m. ET will be broadcast simultaneously on UFC Fight Pass, ESPN, ESPN Deportes and ESPN + in English and Spanish. Preliminary meetings will continue exclusively at ESPN and ESPN + at 8pm. ET. The basic ESPN + pay-per-view card starts at 22:00. ET.

In Canada, the UFC Fight Pass was used in the early preliminary stages, the preliminary stages were on TSN and RDS, the main PPV cards were on Bell, Rogers and Shaw, SaskTel, Videotron, Telus and Eastlink, and the UFC PPV on the UFC Fight Pass.

In Australia, the UFC Fight Pass and ESPN and PPV are used at 14:00 / 12:00 at the start of the preliminary and preliminary rounds. AEST / AWST (Sunday) in the main event and Fetch TV, as well as UFC PPV on the UFC Fight Pass.

In Brazil, the preliminary games and the main map (11 pm BRT) are on Combate.

In the UK, the UFC Battle Pass is used in the early stages, while the UFC Battle Pass and BT Sport are used in the preliminary stages, the main card is available at 3:00 AM (Sunday) BT Sport.

In Ireland, the UFC combat coupon is used in the early preliminary stages, and the UFC and BT Sport combat coupons are used in the preliminary exams, the main card is provided at BT Sport at 3 a.m. GMT (Sunday).

In Germany, the UFC Fight Pass is used in the early preliminary and preliminary rounds, the main card can be used at 4:00 CET (Sunday) of the DAZN global sports streaming service, and the UFC PPV can be used in the UFC Fight Pass. DAZN also provides coverage for major Austrian and Swiss maps.

In Italy, the UFC Fight Pass is used in the early preliminary and preliminary rounds, the main card can be used at 4 a.m. CET (Sunday), the global sports streaming service DAZN and the UFC Fight Pass can use UFC PPV.

In Spain, the UFC Fight Pass is used at the start of the preliminary and preliminary rounds, and the main card can be used at 4 a.m. CET (Sunday), DAZN’s worldwide sports streaming service.

The UFC 249 broadcast will begin at the preliminary stages of the UFC Fight Pass, starting at 18:30. 8 pm Eastern time, Eastern time. The main pay-per-view card is set at 22:00. ET. Ferguson and Gaetier are expected to arrive at the octagon around 12:15 Eastern time, although the exact time depends on the earlier time of the battle.

Watch UFC 249

Watch UFC 249: Mixed martial arts may be the only fan of sports broadcasts that can be seen on TV for a long time, so fans do not want to miss the opportunity to take part in the incredible Octagon fighter in Florida this weekend.

After several delays and cancellations, the Ultimate Fighting Championship returns with another UFC 249 stellar battle card called “Lightweight Showdown” with Tony Ferguson (25-3-0), Justin Gass (21 years old). -2-0) The main event should be completed on Saturday, May 9th.

The main battle for cards begins at 7 p.m. PST and 10 p.m. EST, and can be broadcast directly from the empty VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, and broadcast only on ESPN Plus PPV.

Gaethje and Ferguson will never be the only interesting game on Saturday. Fans are also encouraged by the fight for the bantamweight title against Henry Seyudo (15-2-0) to defend their championship belt against Dominic Cruz (22-2-0). It’s also worth noting that a controversial figure and shooting star will be exposed on Saturday when former Dallas Cowboys defender Grig Hardy (2-2 UFC, 5-2 MMA) continues to try. Known as the UFC heavyweight at Yorgan De Castro (1- 0 UFC, 6-0 MMA) versus another rising MMA star.

Below is the full battle map and the chances for each game, as well as the full preview information below, the schedule of events and additional information, as well as information on how to watch the game online on ESPN + PPV, the price is only $ 64.99 , You are an active subscriber. If you are new to ESPN + and want to register for a related transaction, it will cost approximately $ 15 ($ 84.98) (see details below).

ESPN + is an ESPN streaming service that costs only $ 4.99 per month. You can cancel this service at any time and get access to a series of live games for professional and student sports events.

If you signed up for ESPN +, you can watch the live broadcast of the game on ESPN + for $ 64.99, or if you do not have an annual subscription to ESPN +, you can purchase the package for $ 84.99, which will be you Bring battles and one year of earnings to ESPN + subscriber access, which is a shocking deal. (The regular ESPN + subscription price for one year is $ 49.99, so you can deduct $ 30 from the list price.)

Is ESPN + worth it? It depends on how big your sports fans are and what sports are important to you. A comprehensive ESPN + clarification guide should help you make an informed decision and understand how to receive ESPN + games on TV.

UFC 249 Preview: If you want to understand some of the key rules and security measures that the UFC takes before starting a battle, then you need to understand the following.

This weekend, the UFC resumed operations after an eight-week voluntary vacation, and the coronavirus pandemic revoked President Dana White’s determination to continue fighting in the wake of a catastrophic public health crisis. As part of this mixed martial arts rally, there will be three performances in the fanless arena in Florida over the course of eight days, and state officials are ready to allow it.

Tony Ferguson flew to Jacksonville and quickly took the COVID-19 test, saying on Tuesday: “We have to go there to maintain our athletic vitality.”

Justin Gaetzhe said in a telephone interview: “We will bring people normal.” “I am proud to be one of them. This is an opportunity for inspiration. People should be inspired now. They don’t need. It is impossible to control what is happening and feel depressed (or) depressed. We must experience it. They must be inspired, and we can do it. ”


UFC249: Jacksonville, Florida (AP) – UFC chairman Dana White still wants Battle Island. He temporarily settled on the peninsula.

UFC 249 will be the first major sporting event after the coronavirus pandemic closed most of the country almost two months ago. Given that this sport-loving country seems tired of replays and video games, Jacksonville’s Saturday night game (pay-per-view main event) will attract a large audience.

“There are currently no Olympic Games. Wimbledon is not. There is no draft NBA. There’s no NFL draft, ”said lightweight rival Tony Ferguson. “No (competitive) tennis. No football, no hockey. There is no baseball. This is the person we bring to the table. We go there and do our best to support the sport. ”

Ferguson and his lightweight rival Justin Gaetier will make headlines for mixed martial arts cards in a closed car of the Veterans Memorial Arena.

Gate said: “It will bring people the norm.” Proud to be part of this, you know the opportunity to inspire. People should be inspired now. They do not need to feel depressed and emotional because they cannot control their current situation.

“We must overcome difficulties, we need to somehow inspire them, and we can do it. We have a chance. ”

The UFC returned after an involuntary eight-week hiatus, undermining White’s desire to continue fighting the crisis with COVID-19. For eight days, the series will take place in the arena without fans in Florida for three days. Government officials consider professional sports and national audiences exempt from universal service, provided that “the place is not open to the public.”

The UFC has proposed a 25-page document to review the Occupational Safety and Health Agreement. UFC managers and doctors consulted with regulatory officials and external experts to develop their procedures, which included everyone in the testing.

Those involved in the game, even referees, must wear masks and gloves. Sweat and blood are inevitably sprayed to the bottom of the cell and regularly disinfected.

Gate said: “It will sound more like an intimate situation.” “When we land, fans will hear these shots. They will hear the breath. They will hear the coach’s speech … I’m waiting Too late to watch this battle, because I know that it will not disappoint. ”

This private card will be broadcast on ESPN, and the latest ESPN sporting event has been simplified for Korean baseball and big holes.

Other map battles include:

Henry Sehudo (15-2) will defend his UFC bantamweight title against former champion Dominic Cruz (22-2).

-Francis Ngannu (14-3) took part in a difficult fight against the invincible Jairzinho Rosenstroika (10-0).

– Jeremy Stevens (28-17) and Calvin Qatar (20-4) in a duel with light opponents.

– Former NFL quarterback Greg Hardy (6-2) played against invincible Egan De Castro (5-0) in another hard game.

-Donald Cerrone (36-14) confronts Anthony Pettis (22-10) in middleweight.

UFC 249 was originally scheduled for April 18 in Brooklyn, New York.

The next two major events – UFC 250 in São Paulo, Brazil and UFC 251 in Perth, Australia – were postponed due to a global pandemic.

At the same time, whites continued to work in international competitions on private islands.

The original unbeaten lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagmedov initially planned to compete with Ferguson for the lightweight title, but travel restrictions forced Nurmagmedov to replace him with Gaiter.

Ferguson and Gaetier will compete for the title of Interim Lightweight Champion.

Ferguson said: “You will be recognized as the second person in the world.” “Habib currently cannot fight, so these are the worst two people on this heavy planet, they are fighting for their best this weekend, and then Finally, fight against the right to challenge Habib.

“I think we are fighting for the opportunity to confront Habib on behalf of the United States, and that is what I fight for.”

UFC 249 Fight

UFC 249 Fight: After weeks of waiting, the UFC returned this Saturday with UFC 249. Due to the chaos caused by the global coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition is now the second date and third place, so the path to the event is not so simple. Luckily for combat fans, the UFC managed to put together chips from preliminary matches to two headlines.

Tony Ferguson returned to the main event in Jacksonville, Florida, where he won the lightweight title as Justin Gaetier. Ferguson previously had a time zone in 2017, but was deprived after suffering an ugly injury before the combined round with Khabib Nurmagomedov. El Kukuy is expected to meet with Nurmagomedov again on April 18, the initial date of UFC 249, but this incident occurred for the fifth time due to the coronavirus pandemic and travel restrictions.

But this is not the only thing worth mentioning on this map. Lightweight champion Henry Sejudo returned when he defended his crown for the first two kings of the division, Dominic Cruz. In addition, when Francis Ngannu played against Jeyr Rosenstroik and fans of favorites Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis. At that time, the heavyweight competitors clashed for seven years.

Let’s look at every battle on the map, from the early preliminary tests of ESPN + to the main pay-per-view cards.

Ryan Span -420 vs. Sam Alvey +330, Lightweight: This is an exciting battle, as you could see at the beginning of the opening of the map. It is also a battle between two people in opposite directions. Spann (17-5) scored 7 wins in a row, of which 6 wins came from a break. On the other hand, Alvi (33-13) lost three games in a row, and Tseung Kwan O lost two games.

Bryce Mitchell -165 vs. Charles Rose +140 lightweight: Undefeated Mitchell (12-0) in his Ultimate Fighting season Lost, but technically these battles are considered exhibitions, and his record is still flawless. Nine of his 12 victories were submissive, including the defeat of one of the few rewinders in UFC history in his last game. Rosa (12-3) is an inspiring story. It was introduced to Dennis Bermudez last October due to a neck injury. He fought off the court for 30 months. This victory brought Rosa a nightly performance. All four defeats in Rosa’s career were victories in the night battle.

Vicente Luke -280 vs. Nico Price +230, middleweight: Luke (17-7-1) won six games in a row in a recent match Lost Stephen Thompson. Of the last four battles, Luke won three nightly awards, continuing the trend of exciting fighters up and down UFC 249. Price (14-3) defeated James Wick in a brutal attack in the final game. Of his five victories at the UFC, he won the Night Show prize.

Ronaldo “Jacques” Souza -125 against Uriah Hall +105, average weight: from 2009 to 2015 he finished the game with a score of 12-2, Souza (26-8) scored 4-4 difficult appearances in his career. Although these fighters are in conflict with some of the best results in the sport, his current two defeats and misses are the first consecutive loss in his career. Souza in the lightweight competition Having played one shot, he lost in middle weight, where he lost to Jan Blahovic. Hall (15–9) made a career at the UFC, but won two games in a row, and three of the last four games have been won. Hall’s 15 professional victories included 11 knockout games.

Carla Esparza -160 against Michelle Waterson +135, women’s lightweight match: Esparza (15-6), a former women’s lightweight champion, Won the first champion fight with Rosa Namajunas in December 2014. After defeating Espassa 2: 2 in 2018, the spacecraft won two battles in 2019, including most of the decisions of the “night battle” made against Alex Grasso during her last trip. Watson (17-7), often referred to as the “Hot Karate Girl,” won three consecutive wins in her last round, and Joanna Ejechechik unanimously decided to lose. If she won this battle, Watson could find a place to challenge the featherweight champion.

Fabrizio Werdum -330 vs. Alexey Oleinik +260, heavyweight: former heavyweight champion Werdum (23-8-1) was defeated by Alexander Volkov during his last outing in 2018. Before losing, Werdum won a counterattack. He expelled Mark Hunter, won the interim heavyweight championship, and then introduced Kane Velazquez in 2015 to unify the championship. He lost Stip Miocic on his next trip, but he has been 3-2 since then. Oleinik’s career (58-13-1) brought an amazing 46 victories. Since joining the UFC, he has a record of 7-4. The last time he filed Maurice Green in January, he lost two defeats. He won the Night Performance prize in five of UFC’s seven victories.

UFC 249 Reddit

UFC 249 Reddit: The MMA campaign is coming to an end this weekend! How to watch Hd Ufc 249 live Reddit live, TV and live information? Although this should happen, UFC 249 is finally scheduled for public viewing at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, May 9th. Please read carefully, we will tell you how to watch UFC 249 and the live broadcast, wherever you are, you can watch Ferguson vs. Gaetge online fight – with the exception of the full entrance card that night and the necessary cases that you should consider.

In addition, Reddit is another step you can rely on when you need to find everything that happens in UFC 249 Fight.

For sports enthusiasts, Reddit can be an extraordinary step in sharing data, including combining quantitative streaming explicit games. Owns UFC 249: Ferguson vs. Gaetier

You will resume a large number of Reddit connections to watch the live broadcast of UFC 249 through Reddit. In any case, if we add another word (for example, “free”), this may limit the time of use.

Some of the connections exchanged by Reddit team members are paid. Following these ideas, trying to find a free choice may run into difficulties that you want to overcome. Change is focused only on dialogue, and dialogue has many positive contributions. Obviously, the connection between them provides you with an excellent choice. If you are still new to the network, please take some energy to keep track of the best potential influencers.

There is a trick in the Reddit group. There are a large number of artificial compounds that will take you to malicious sites. You may have to deal with this.

To get UFC 249: a free streaming connection from Habib and Ferguson Reddit. You will see these buzzwords, I suppose you will get the free streaming options of UFC 249.

Now he is the authoritative hero of the UFC lightweight champion. Given that he has won several championships so far, and there is no unhappiness in his record, it has amazing consequences. Presented today, he remains undefeated. As for MMA, this fighter has the longest unbeaten dynamic record. He was promoted a year ago. This fighter takes second place in the world when priced in pounds UFC.

He is a great warrior, ready for judo, three treasures and a fight. Perhaps the preparation he experienced made him stand out. His capture scope made him the first prolific person in MMA history. He is still the first big name to follow Russia on Instagram today.

UFC 249 is scheduled for May 9 (Saturday). At around 18:00 Eastern Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time) and 3:00 PM Pacific Standard Time (Eastern Standard Time), the preliminary stages have already begun, and Ferguson’s home match with Gaiter is temporarily scheduled for 22:00. Standard American Time ET / 7 PM PT / 3 AM BST. US users who need to understand the problem should understand that ESPN + will be a good place to watch the battle.

Tony Ferguson has become a popular choice. Compared to other lightweight fighters, the 36-year-old was previously considered extraordinary. He wants to ensure his legacy in the first functional coordinate system UFC 249, which prepares him for a meeting with Khabib Nurmagomedov in Russia – “Hawks” may be the most famous reason for his clinical neck rupture on Conor McGregor in October 2018. thugs.

Since then, Habib has fully defended his title against Dustin Poirier. However, due to restrictions on traveling around the Covid-19 country, it is currently abandoned in Russia, so UFC fans will have to see them again and again, because the battle between Ferguson and Habib has been foreseen for a long time. Now, this unpleasant octagonal experience has been postponed for several strange periods.

His place was taken by 31-year-old American Justin Gaetier, who currently ranks fourth in the UFC lightweight rating. Although not a rival to Habib, he enjoys a high reputation in the MMA circle and poses a serious threat to Ferguson, a fight that can only be proven using ESPN + in the United States.

The winner of the new UFC 249 functional battle will be named the lightweight hero of the UFC interval – there is no doubt that he will fight with Habib sometime in the future. Fascinated by her? Our guide explains how to watch Tony Ferguson live broadcast against Justin Gaetge, wherever you are, and reveals the nuances of the latest UFC 249 card.

In the United States, UFC observers who have combined their battles can understand that ESPN + has restrictive rights over the entire UFC fight. This means that you will watch UFC 249 on Saturday, May 9th. This is your only place to view. Although the first demonstration is held at 22:00 EST (19:00 ET), the latter is used.

Ferguson vs Gaethje

Ferguson vs Gaethje: The debate about the whereabouts of the secret island has ended, and UFC 249 will finally take place this Saturday, the long-awaited easy MMA conflict between Tony Ferguson and Florist Justin Gaethje. Please continue reading to learn how to broadcast live from anywhere in UFC 249 to this world.

What is interesting about the return of the UFC this weekend? Where to begin? This is the first international sporting event held since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the accumulated bills are based on a key easy match in the medium term – the department takes up most of this sport.

In the headlines, Tony Ferguson has finally partnered with Justin Gaethje, feeling that after the first two attempts to defeat UFC head Dana White in the fight to defeat the ESPN boss After disappointment.

But beyond that, there is more fun. Please continue reading to learn all about UFC 249, or if you just want to find out where to watch the game around the world, go directly to our UFC 249 live broadcast information page.

Who are Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje?
Tony Ferguson, a Mexican-American fighter, is one of the strangest UFC people in the big movement. As well-known fans of magic and break dance, the number one lightweight contender first appeared on the UFC reality show “Competitor” and won all competitions by TKO or TKO when they appeared in season 13. Since then, he continued to set one of the best records in all departments and remained undefeated for seven years.

Justin Gaethje is known for his powerful fighting style, he won the championship with a strong record and won the first knockout / title title for three consecutive rounds.

Who is the favorite to win Ferguson vs Gaethje?
Bookmakers currently note that Tony “El Kukui” Ferguson is a 4/7 favorite (if correct at the time of writing), winning the direct Betfair game in the UK. Ferguson will enter the octagon with a series of victories from 12 games, and since 2012 he has never encountered setbacks. Odds producers prefer their opponent’s more orthodox vertical style and his unpredictable methods.

When did Ferguson and Gaethje step on this ring?
Ferguson last entered Octagon about a year ago when he won one-sidedly due to the removal of Dr. Donald Caron at UFC 238.

In the past few years, Gaethje has been the most active fighter of the two: his last battle was against Cerrone on the 158th night of the Battle of Vancouver in September, which was the third consecutive battle between American fighters. The first round was closed.

What other key features does the UFC 249 have?
A bumper card has two prerequisites, and under normal conditions doubles the cost of the main card.

Although viewers will not be involved in creating the UFC’s usual electric atmosphere, the light welterweight clash between former lightweight champion Anthony Pettis (22-10) and Donald Cerrone (36-14) should appeal to those who were before The heavy round between Boa “Constrictor” performed by King Alexei Oleinik (58–13–1) and former Brazilian champion Fabrizio Verdum (23–8–1) was also astounding when they watched at home. In two years I will return to what was expected.

At the same time, in the main supporting game that night, lightweight champion Henry Cejudo joined the ranks of the legendary all-around MMA Dominic Cruz. This battle marked the first round of Cruise in more than three years, as Sehudo was worried about a pandemic with the dismantling of the UFC 250 with Jose Aldo from Brazil.

How to watch UFC 249 exclusively online in the USA, ESPN

In the US, trying to track the perfect flow of UFC 249? ESPN + has exclusive rights over the past year, which means that this is the place to view.

There are two payment options that depend entirely on whether you are subscribed to the service. If you do not, then it is best to use a UFC kit that costs $ 84.98. Thus, you can get both UFC 247 PPV and an annual ESPN + subscription (usually just $ 50).

Another option is to simply buy access to UFC 249 for $ 64.99. You can watch all the activities, including the preliminary fight, at 18:00 EST / 15:00 PT on May 9 (Saturday).

Ferguson vs Gaethje Live

Ferguson vs Gaethje Live: Dubai: love him or hate him, UFC boss Dana White brings great sporting entertainment back to the world that has been hiding since the deadly coronavirus spread its deadly tentacles.

March 15th was UFC day (the promotion of mixed martial arts in one of the largest sports on the planet). The new last battle took place in Brazil, after which it became a victim of a global sports blockade.

But the UFC echoed.

After the resurrection from the dead, UFC 249 will be resurrected at 18.15 local time in Florida (2.15 am UAE). This is the first of 12 coveted games that will reach its zenith in the test, including the First and Second Lightest (155 lb) fighter in the world are Tony Ferguson and Justin Gate.

Described as a long battle, two Americans will compete for the preliminary world title, and the winner can meet with Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov at the end of this year.

But the first is the first.

UFC 249 has 12 combat cards created in heaven or, in this case, possibly in hell, fighting some of the worst male and female warriors on earth.

Destroyer, such as Dominic Cru Dominator ’Cruz (22 wins and 2 losses), they returned after a long absence, challenging the heavy pound of King Henry Sejudo (15-2) in the general main event.

The event will take place at the empty VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida, in line with the direct safety guidelines established by the authorities regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Knockout artist Justin Gaetzhe is eagerly awaiting the battle soon after he was expelled from Khabib Nurmagomedov due to travel restrictions. He said: “You rarely The opportunity to compete for the World Cup on the world’s largest stage. During a pandemic, there is less and less sport, and you will be the only player on television, and less peace. It will be a perfect storm

“To fight someone like Tony, I have to be psychologically prepared. You must not only enter and be psychologically prepared. My life no longer exists after May 9th.

“Victory or defeat, I focus on doing everything possible. It is so important now. ”

Ferguson insists on a winning streak of 12 games and insists that he focuses only on preparation and will not be distracted by other things.

Ferguson, 26, a Mexican, said: “I don’t worry about anything other than my game, and of course I don’t need to worry about what other people will do.”

“I was well prepared in the offseason, and now we can adjust it. When I arrived in Jacksonville, I spent several hours warming up. Yesterday I ran six miles. I can’t wait for the performance.

“Justin is a great opponent, so we are the main event. We are our attribution. We are both focused on going there and doing what we do. ”

The fight between Sehudo, the UFC bantamweight champion who ruled, and Cruz, who twice won the UFC bantamweight title, is definitely a challenge.

Sejudo said: “I respect Dominic, but I think the difference between me and everyone else is that I never fought like everyone else.” “I am a person who is adapting, you can watch in battle At this point.

Cruz admits that returning to the field after a long period of layoffs may bother most fighters, but he made more preparations for this.

Cruz said: “Everyone says that there is ring rust, but in fact it is not.” “Everything is in your thoughts. I like to train, which for me as a means of livelihood. Everything on this card. ”Athletes put themselves in a position in which they are easy to defeat or defeat. All this creates a lot of fire together, and I am glad about it. ”

A unique experience: there are no fans in the arena, so the fighters believe that the experience of spectators playing in the world will be more “intimate”.

The geyser said: “When we hit the ball, the fans will hear, they will hear the breath, they will hear the coach’s speech.”

Ferguson added: “This is really great. Now there is no Olympics, no Wimbledon, no football, no hockey. This is what we should discuss. We will present the best live sports. I want to be able to participate. And proud. “